Same-name on Google+, following me. Report?
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There's an account with my real name on Google Plus which has been +1 -ing my posts and, as far as I can tell, doing nothing else. Sure feels like a setup. Should I report it as identity fraud?

I am feeling technically wrong doing so because of course I'm not the only person with this name.
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Has the account been upvoting other posts, or only yours? Does it seem focused on your stuff exclusively?
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Before you jump to "identity fraud", have you tried contacting this user?
I know I've gotten a kick out of contacting people who share the same "more-common-than-you-think" real name as me. But I usually start by saying hello first instead of just quietly upvoting their comments...
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Keep an eye on it, but +1ing your posts and doing nothing else isn't fraud so you shouldn't report it as such.
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No public activity other than upvoting my posts. No user picture or About information. That's what makes me suspicious; previously I've gotten spatters of upvotes from strangers who found that we shared an interest, but I could always see their interests separately.

I wouldn't contact anything that looks like phishing.

Will keep an eye on it, glumly expecting some kind of novel depressing bureaucratic attack.
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Do you have a blogger blog? Is it set to push to Google+ whenever you post to the blog?
That shows up as a post with a +1.
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(Followup: I *think* the account in question has been deleted. I didn't do anything.)
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