Where did ModCloth bedding go?
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ModCloth used to carry some really quirky interesting bedding. Now they don't. Where can I find stuff like that now?

I especially loved this one and this one, but I dithered too long and lost my chance. Has any other company picked up where they left off?
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Simons in Canada (ships to US) has some colourful floral duvets among their offerings (others 1, 2).
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How about Ikea?
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You might want to try Urban Outfitters, or on the higher end, Anthropologie.
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+1 for Urban Outfitters. Sometimes you can look up the brand from Urban Outfitters and places like Amazon will have it too, sometimes cheaper. Also, Pottery Barn (especially kids and teen) and Land of Nod. Though kids and teen stuff only goes up to full/queen (damn my king-size bed!)
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Cost Plus World Market has a lot of funky bedding -- the bedspread I linked reminded me of your second photo.
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So ModCloth bedding was/is supplied by Treasure Grove and Karma Living. You can find their stuff on eBay, Bluefly, and some other aggregators but it looks like the specific ones you want are sold out :(

I'd do a keyword alert on eBay so if someone is selling the set you like, you get notified.
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It looks like your first link was made by Appareline(some stores that sell/sold their products listed here) and sold under the brand Sweet Clover. (You can see the same design as "bed 16" if you scroll through the lookbook images on this site, but I can't link it directly.)
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Check out Snurk. It's a Dutch company, but their stuff is available from stores worldwide.
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Zulily has stuff like this. Their inventory changes constantly so you have to keep checking, and the navigation is clumsy so you might have to dig around. Here's a link to quilts. (You may have to give an email address to browse but I'm pretty sure you can just make one up on the spot without verifying.)
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Society6 made their name on phone cases, but they'll also print on duvets and pillowcases. I got my duvet cover there two years ago and it still looks gorgeous.
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I'm a big fan of Target's Pillowfort bedding. Technically it's in their childrens section, but most of the sheet sets are available in Twin, Full, and Queen, so even grownups can have sheets with astronauts, foxes, llamas, sleeping cats, or metallic gold diamonds.
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It looks like they're getting new stock because they're low and everything is on sale, but Arro Home has very cute things I think a lot of mefites in here would enjoy.
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