What was in My Fit Foods' gray box?
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So, My Fit Foods suddenly went out of business not too long ago. I had tried them out a couple years ago and my favorite thing about them were the supplements they had in that gray box. It included an appetite suppressant as well as a few other things. For those of you who know what I'm talking about, I'd like to know what exactly was in it so I can go buy the supplements at my local GNC or find them online. Thanks!
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Best answer: Whatever you had in your box, I'd like to hip you to BulkSupplements.com, available via Amazon. So cost effective, never once was I disappointed by the quality - in fact, the opposite!

Everything cones pure in powder form, so you can fill capsules or use a small measuring spoon set ($6 on Amazon) and drink them down with a little water. If you get into herbs and supplements, this is a better way to do it. No filler ingredients, you control the dosage.

I'm super into supplements for the past 6+ years, and this is the best way to go once you find something that works for you. GNC is crazy expensive, and pressed tablets are often not fully digested. Enjoy.
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Best answer: After a bit more sleuthing, I found it here.

Apparently Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) was the appetite suppressant. There was also CLA and green tea extract. Looks like I may have answered my own question, but thanks for that link jbenben. It's always worthwhile to post here.
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