Can you order from the full menu at Spoon Thai in Chicago for lunch?
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I'm taking a trip to Chicago and considering going to Spoon Thai for lunch on Monday. Their full menu looks fabulous, but at the bottom, there's a "Lunch Special" listed, with some appetizers + entrees that are much less appealing to me. I would like to know if that's just a particular deal that's offered for lunch, or if those are the only options available for lunch.

Basically I'm interested in things like the Nam Kao Tod and the Banana Blossom salad, and I will give the place a pass if the only options are things like Pad Thai and Crab Rangoon.
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I don't know about this particular restaurant, but I've never had a problem ordering non-lunch-special options at lunch at Chicago-area restaurants that offer lunch specials.
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If that's the little basement place I'm thinking of, then yeah, I've had lunch there and you can order the full menu. The tom kha is delicious.
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Have you called them?
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If you have any doubts, Opart Thai is also on that block. It's not at all fancy, but the food is delicious—I favor the pad khee mao. (Note: my last visit was ~5 years ago.)
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I was a regular customer of both Spoon and Opart when I lived in the neighborhood 10+ years ago. I don't specifically remember getting weekday lunch there, but that sort of lunch special is extremely common and in my experience is never a replacement for the full menu.

I would call ahead if you've got your eye on a specific interesting dish, though. The banana blossom salad's been a regular and popular menu item there for ages, but sometimes restaurants will put interesting-but-rarely-ordered stuff on the menu and not regularly have the ingredients available.
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I believe that I have had lunch here (I have definitely had a lot of dinners) and everything was available. But if you go by and there is any problem, there are a lot of amazing other Thai restaurants in the area, like Rainbow Thai and Sticky Rice (I also adore Opart but I think its menu is less of a fit for your purposes).
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Why wouldn't you call them and ask instead of asking here?
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I have phone anxiety about these kinds of questions where I don't know the precise terminology the other person uses (like "full menu" may mean something different to me than to the restaurant staff.)

It's a lot easier for me to feel comfortable that we're both talking about the same thing when I can point to the menu and say, "Is this available for lunch?" Which I can do here online but not on the phone. This is the kind of question I could answer for dozens of restaurants where I live, so I didn't think it was an odd question to post. YMMV.
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