Where can order good-quality "Japanese paper" for book repair online?
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I'm attempting to repair a book, and I have everything I need except "Japanese paper." I've never done this before, so specific recommendations of a vendor and item would be greatly appreciated.

I tried finding something on Amazon, and ordered this, but I don't think it's right for the job. After playing around with it a bit, I found it pulls apart much easier than office paper. I'm trying to repair a hinge that partially failed, so I think it needs to be stronger.

I'm in the US, so I'd prefer a US vendor, but overseas vendors are acceptable if that's what's required. I also don't need that much, since this will probably be a one-off thing.
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I know nothing about book repair, but I wandered into this Japanese paper store once - maybe it has what you need? (there's a section called bookcloth)
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Some of the big vendors in archival supplies are Gaylord, University Products, and Brodart (who do a paper type sampler that might be useful for testing).
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I LITERALLY just got a Hollinger Metal Edge catalog in the mail this week and flipped through it, so I know they have Japanese paper, haha.
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Not a direct answer to where to source the paper you need (although you should be able to find something at any reasonably well-stocked art supply store), but I wanted to address your concern about the paper pulling apart. One goal when working with artwork or restoration is that the supplies used should be weaker than the artwork. The goal is that, if something rips, it'll be the added material. For instance, when doing framing, you choose a hinging tape that's weaker than whatever paper the art is on.
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Try Talas Online - they have the best bookbinding supplies available.
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Talas is it. Call them. It might be a long call as they free up the person who can best answer your questions and direct you and they can be a bit brusque.
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I ordered the sampler from Brodart (which turned out to be a Talas sampler "Japanese Tissues & Papers") and ended up settling on this paper from Talas, which seemed the strongest of the bunch.

Getting the sampler was a very good idea, since I had no notion of how different types of Japanese paper are. This is definitely an area where online shopping is inadequate and some kind of physical contact is required.
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