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Not that I'm a fan or anything (and I'm not), but.... Back around the time of its release, a friend of mine forwarded me a very thorough point-by-point comparison of Marilyn Manson's Mechanical Animals with ... well, key points from David Bowie's entire career. It was a very good read and had a lot of insight into the recycling of ideas in music. My google-fu in this case seems to be weak at turning up what I'm trying to find - anyone willing to take up the chase?
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Not that I'm a fan or anything (and I'm not)

Phew! almost thought you weren't cool then! :)

This it?
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Response by poster: That's not quite it. The one I was looking for had a track-by-track breakdown of the ripoff. (but that is a good read)
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Here are some links I'm posting for a friend.

Try them.
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