"The bitten cherry or the apple core"
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About a decade ago, an early music group -- possibly the Medieval Baebes -- sang a post-medieval encore that I can't find a whisper of. The line I think I remember is "The orchard didn't know if it was planted for/ The bitten cherry or the apple core." Can anyone identify this?
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I've had this tab open since forever. I googled like crazy and didn't find much, but maybe this is something: a cached postcrossing forum thread shows a person using this quote as a tag as recently as last year. You might be able to contact that person to ask. (I'm hoping that person isn't actually also you.)
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Oh wow! That isn't me, and I will try to contact that person. Thank you. I wrote the Medieval Baebes press address and haven't gotten any kind of answer, but if I do, I will report.
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Finally got through to the person at Postcrossing, who also heard the lyric once, but has never heard of Medieval Baebes. Dead end.
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