Why can't these two talk to each other?
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I have a 2014 MacBook Pro Retina, running OS 10.12 Sierra, and an Apple Remote (this model, not the Siri Remote). I cannot get the MacBook to recognize the Remote, no matter what I try. I don't have an Apple TV, or any other Macs in my apartment. What am I doing wrong?

Things I have tried:

-Installing new CR 2032 batteries.
-Running Software Update (I am fully updated).
-Rebooting, turning Bluetooth on and off
-Installing a freeware app called SiriMote, which is supposed to help, but doesn’t

All I want is to listen to podcasts before I fall asleep, and use the remote to control my MacBook. Please tell me I did not just waste $20. Thanks in advance:)
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If you look under 'compatibility' on the page you linked for the remote, it makes no mention of macbooks.

Please tell me I did not just waste $20.

umm... if you like...
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The Retina MacBook Pro does not have an IR receiver and isn't compatible with the Apple Remote. The remote is sending out signals the computer has no ability to receive.

It looks like it's theoretically possible to make it work with an external USB infrared receiver and third-party software, though that would surely be pretty cumbersome.

SiriMote is intended to work with the Siri Remote, the black one you use with the new Apple TV.
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Please tell me I did not just waste $20.

If you bought it from Apple (store or online) and it has been less than two weeks since you received it, you can return it.
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