How do I identify a diamond-shaped tropical fish?
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Help me identify a diamond-shaped Tropical Fish. (details inside)

First ever snorkelling experience this new year in the Maldives. Wow! I have managed to find almost every fish I got to see on the various tropical fish websites and/or people's holiday blogs. But this one fish is driving me crazy! It was very distinctive because of its shape -side on it was almost a complete diamond except for the small tail. It was at least twice as large as the biggest parrot fish, was grey/brownish in colour but may have had white on the belly, and was alone. It was quite a distance away so can't be more specific, sorry. My problem is that most of the websites are aimed at selling fish that will fit in a tank, and I can find no other way of looking it up short of knowing the name. Help!
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A diamondfish might appear gray from a distance.
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Response by poster: thanks guys, one of those diamond fish looked like the shape but it was definately a very dark grey or brownish colour and also seemed larger.
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You might try something like FishBase's Fish Identification tool/form.
If you've got a photo you could also try posting it at ScubaBoard and ask for identification help.
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Try going to Smugmug and searching for marine - someone on there surely has a picture of it, perhaps even me ;)

You could also try Google Images as well, using the same term or, say, dive photos?

Make sure you tell us what it was when you find out!?
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Have you looked at the fish listed here?
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Response by poster: Thank you all. I'm getting closer! The shape I now know is perciform and the closest in terms of shape are the humpback batfish (but not in the Maldives!) or the moonyfish, although none of the images I'm seeing come even close to the colour of the one I saw. Despite the distance visibility was good so I'm sure of the dark colour. I'll keep plugging these into the dive pictures, I'm sure I'll find it
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Response by poster: Stumped I'm afraid, and I've spent too many hours on this (Nay days!) I'm wondering if it is some kind of artefact (i.e. fish eggs sucked up into ballast from Australia (humpback Batfish) and ejected around the Maldives! Sigh! Thank you all
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