Couples massage in New York City
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SaunaFilter: I would like to bring my special friend for a spa/couples massage in new york. Downtown prefered. If we had a sauna/steam room to ourselves for a while, so much the better. Money is not the binding constraint.
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Juvenex Spa has couples massage, but it isn't downtown.

I am pretty sure you can't get a sauna or steam room to yourself for "special friend time" legally at any sauna or spa in New York.
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You'd want to get all jiggy in a sauna? I nearly pass out in them at the best of times when I'm just lying there doing nothing...
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talk about taboo. anyone from a noric country would revile that notion.
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Ironically, I don't think I could relax enough in a sauna/steam room for special friend activities knowing that the room was available for special friend activities. I would be freaked out by those that came before me, as it were. If your interest doesn't run to the sex club type thing, about which me and folks of my mainstream slightly prudish type would know nothing , I would guess that they best way to mix legal couple's massage with romantic private afterglow time would be to arrange for a good hotel room and private masseuses who know when to leave.
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You guys mean it is forbidden for saunas/massage in NY to provide privacy for adult consenting couples?
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OK. I seem to have gone over some sort of bright line and now need to clarify what I was asking.

We would like to each get a massage. So, recomendations as to places downtown with good couples massage would be great.

And we might like to spend a few minutes in the sauna/steam room. If we can be alone, so much the better because sometimes we like to be alone, not so we can have slippery, sweaty sex or any other aliteration which will gross out UnclePlayground or offend Sweden.

Julnyes: I have been to Juvenex, and like it, but it does not allow men until later (used to be 9pm, but I just checked the website and it is now 7pm).
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It's generally considered unwise to mess around in a sauna and/or hot tub environment. One can easily lose consciousness or die outright due to heat stroke, etc.

Of course, it'd be a good way to go.

I don't think you'll find a spa that allows for what you're looking for, exactly. Near Chicago, there's an infamous and cheesy place called The Sybaris that offers hot tubs, water slides, etc. I'm sure there's something similar in or around New York, but I suspect this isn't your style.

Were I you, I'd look into spending the weekend at one of the many upscale Manhattan hotels. Most will offer massage and spa services, and might even have in room service. From there, it's a simple matter to retire to your room for some fun time.
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Oh. Without the Swedish offense I suspect you could go just about anywhere.
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Sex in a sauna is not good for you. Trust me (I'm Finnish). Now, afterwards, it's a different story.
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nkyad writes "You guys mean it is forbidden for saunas/massage in NY to provide privacy for adult consenting couples?"

It's more like it's illegal to provide privacy to anyone. Many places require operators of saunas to continuously check patrons to make sure they haven't passed out/slipped into a coma/died or otherwise succumbed to the heat.
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