High quality ceiling fans without fancy remotes
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Are there any companies making high quality (meaning quiet, good looking, and reliable for many years) ceiling fans without fancy wireless remote systems? I want one that is operated solely by a pull chain. No lights.

It seems that anything beyond the absolute cheapest ceiling fans now have wireless control systems requiring remotes, proprietary wall control panels, or something similar. I really don't want a fan that operates or looks like the absolute cheapest thing on the market, but I also don't want complex controls (because I want it to be able to be turned on and off with a standard toggle wall switch and/or by a pull chain)*. I do not want any lights on it. I'm becoming convinced that this combination does not exist. Please point me in the direction of an examples to the contrary!

* The "why" isn't really important to answer the question, but I'm sure some people will wonder, so here are three of my reasons. First, I don't like the aesthetics of the busy-looking proprietary fan controls in a gang box with a bunch of standard switches. Secondly, the remotes tend to get misplaced or the batteries die at inconvenient times. Thirdly, these fancy electronic fans seem to have more things that can go wrong with them, and then the parts are discontinued when you need them. I have several in other rooms, so I know the tradeoffs intimately. For this one, I want simple!
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Rejuvenation appears to have fans with pull chain, no lights. They may have others that fit your specs.
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I recently replaced our fan with a Hunter brand ceiling fan - almost all of the ones I looked through had wireless kits as a add on accessory, and by default had a pull chain.

We're happy how it looks and it's performed quietly.
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You can buy a Hunter or Casablanca with pull chains. If you go all out, you can get a cast iron Original, but even at the sub-$200 price point, you should be able to get a good no-light fan with pull chains. The no light kit option is trickier than the pull chain option, but note that Hunters typically ship with a no-light cap, so a bowl or 3/4 light fitting is removable.

Here are search results from Hunter.

Look for Energy Star (easier to get without a light kit) and/or damp or outdoor fans, for additional choices.
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Hunter fans, for the win! The quietest ceiling fan, nice selection of styles, and very reliable.
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Another vote for Hunter/Casablanca!
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I feel like I should disclose here that I used to work as a ceiling fan engineer for Hunter, and I still know some of the people who work there, so on the one hand, I'm partial, but on the other hand, if you have any questions you can MeMail me.

For reference, any Energy Star fan will carry a motor warranty of at least 30 years; lifetime warranties are very common. With a pull chain you get electronics that are easier to replace, and even if the specific blades get discontinued, worst-case you can drill out aftermarket blades.

Depending on the room size, and your personal styling preferences, this old closeout model Paramount XP is a beast.
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My Hunter ceiling fans have been running since 2002, almost non-stop for spring, summer and fall.
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