Cereal with unrefined sugar
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I am looking for a cereal that is sweetened (minimally) with an unrefined sugar (like honey). Anything?

Erythritol is also a possibility
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How do you feel about barley malt? Uncle Sam cereals are more about fiber but the only sweetener is that. Stuff like this isn't sweetened at all (and sort of tastes like the box it comes in) but I assume that is not what you are looking for? This stuff tastes better (and also has zero sugar). Puffins actually taste slightly sweetened and are sweetened with molasses but there is some dispute about exactly what that means. If organic dried cane syrup is okay, there are also cereals like Kashi's cinnamon brand.
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One Degree Organics is just what you're looking for. They sweeten their cereal with coconut palm sugar, and they have very little sugar per serving. I'm not crazy about cold cereal, but their sprouted brown rice crispies are pretty spectacular!
Purely Elizabeth veers a bit into crunchier territory, also uses coconut sugar as their sweetener. They make a granola and millet puff cereal, but also have straight up granola and muesli as well. Hope this helps!
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In case it hadn't occurred to you, you could also get an unsweetened cereal like Plain Cheerios or Shredded Wheat or their generic equivalents, and put real honey on them.
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Cheerios do contain sugar, but original Shredded Wheat biscuits don't. Grape Nuts contain malted barley flour and no other sweetener, so that might be an option. It seems like this list of healthy cereals might be helpful in terms ofbrands to consider, though you'd want to look at ingredient lists to see what sweetener (if any) is used.
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Best answer: "Dried cane syrup" is sugar.
Seconding Grape Nuts.
Unsweetened muesli, like Familia (the green box, not the red one).
Plain old oatmeal.
Nature's Path Organic makes fruit juice-sweetened cornflakes.
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I don't know where in the world you're shopping, so like the other answerers, I'll just go ahead and assume that you live in my country.

All supermarkets sell sugar free muesli which you can sweeten with anything you like (or not at all). Another great option if you like hot cereals is oatmeal porridge. I sometimes add some honey and cocoa nibs to mine and it's delicious.
Brinta can be eaten hot or cold and has no sugar at all.

Finally: it's pretty easy to make your own muesli from oat flakes, other grains, nuts and dried fruit. That way you'll know exactly what you're eating.
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Yep, make your own!

Home made muesli

Home made porridge

Home made granola
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