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Looking a longish lined rain coat for Seattle weather

I'm an 5'5'' size 4 or 6 woman looking for a rain coat and having a hard time. Here's what I want:

1) Must have a hood.
2) Must be long enough to cover my butt.
3) Must be water resistant.
4) Must be more than a shell. I live in Seattle where it never gets super cold so I don't want a thick parka, but I want some kind of lining. I'd be happy if I could wear it in 40°F weather without a layer. This is the detail that I'm having the most trouble with. I'm mostly finding lightweight jackets and shells, or coats meant for really cold weather.

Would prefer:
1) Available in a non-black neutral, like tan, olive green, gray. No bright colors.
2) A belt or other waist defining characteristic.

Hoping to keep it under $250, closer to $150. Would prefer links to items instead of recommendations to check out certain stores.
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Try out the Eddie Bauer Girl on the Go insulated jacket. The insulation can be removed for warmer days. The store in Pacific Place may still have it in stock so you can try it on.
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I love the Patagonia tres parka. I've worn it through many seattle winters. Waterproof, warm, and cute.
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I like Columbia for this.
This might be a little too warm, but it meets your other criteria.

Here's a thermal puffy jacket that's also waterproof.

This has a lining that's removable.

This one says it has insulation, but there are no reviews yet, so it's hard to tell how warm it will be.

Here's a splurge that will keep you warm.

They have some others, but most are indeed just shells. Some others are hard to tell. Might be worth calling around to some places too.
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I have a gray Ilse Jacobsen raincoat that fits your description, here's a link to some of their products at Nordstrom.
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I LOVE Helley Hansen's Welsey trench, which fits all of your criteria. I wear it in 40-50 degree weather, but check it out for your level of cold tolerance. Features I really love: it's flattering, doesn't look like a raincoat, totally waterproof, and you can stow the hood in the collar if you'd like (it's a serious hood, not flimsy either!) For non-black neutrals, there's ash grey and navy.
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I don't have good advice on the jacket but I do have a warning that there is no longer an Eddie Bauer at Pacific Place, though there are still stores in the area, like in Bellevue! It's a recent development from this year.
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I have that poorly named Eddie Bauer jacket, and I live near you. I love that coat. The catch: with the insulation it's very warm, without the insulation it's a shell. I like that, because I usually have a sweatshirt or such on under it and it's on the warm side for a shell.
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My sister, who lives in Seattle, says this.
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Deezil, that was one of the ones I found on my searching, but it looks pretty light. Does your sister report that it's warm enough for chilly weather?
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It's really hard to compare warmth between people, though! Jackets I have that I think of as winter-wear barely keep my mother warm in spring and fall, just because I run hotter than she does. Do you have a coat or jacket or combo that's good for you now to compare to?
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Yes, yes she does. She wore it when I was there and it was a touch cool.
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I absolutely love my Blaest raincoat, and I live in Vancouver so I get the need!
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I have an older Lole raincoat most similar to this one. Rain beads up but it's stretchy and non-swishy-sounding. With a good sweater underneath it would keep me warm in the 40s.
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I own the Eddie Bauer raincoat that joan_holloway linked to. I've had it about five years and have recommended it on this board several times. It's worth it's weight in gold. And the little belt detailing in the back is very flattering and slimming.
I'm 5'2" and it comes to juuuuust above my knees, which is a perfect length for rain.
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Slightly above your price point, but I'm in a similar climate and the Fjällräven Greenland Parka is great. It's not completely waterproof like a plastic raincoat, but it should work for moderate PNW dampness. They will also re-wax it for free - there's a store in Portland, so I'd expect there's one in Seattle as well. I got mine on sale for about half the retail price...but I bought it in the middle of summer. This is my go-to coat when it's cold and wet.

Also look at Nau -- again, expensive, but relatively easy to find secondhand. I have a few of their jackets and even the ones without a separate liner are surprisingly warm.
Succinct trench looks promising.

I have the Urbane Jacket, and it's very well-designed and shapely. Even though it's not lined, it's quite warm. I recall seeing this one in a longer length in previous seasons. Check eBay/Poshmark.
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