Keep entertainment center doors closed
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I'd like to find a way to keep the sliding doors of my entertainment center closed, for baby proofing.

We have an entertainment center where the TV sits on top, about 30" high. It has three partitioned cabinets across—each about two feet wide—with two sliding doors that keep two (or one) of the cabinets closed at any given time.

The middle cabinet is basically baby proof, and so we keep the two sides closed, as they're not particularly. But the doors don't latch or anything, so inquisitive babies find little resistance to their explorations.

I'd love to find something akin to a pressure-adjusted shower curtain rod to keep the sides blocked. I don't care overly much what it looks like—I'd just rather it be easily removable. And not adding to baby danger in some way. Seems like there must be something out there to do the job, but I've had a devil of a time finding it.
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I think I can picture what you're talking about, and if I'm right could you just use a latch like these on each door, connected to each side of the unit?

Also, though, we literally use a tension curtain rod to baby proof a set of drawers. They work.
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Oh yeah maybe! Just "lock" the outer edge of each door to the side of the console. That might actually be less obtrusive.
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And sorry for the lack of visuals. It's basically this idea, with a different execution. Jeeze, apparently barn doors are all the rage these days, if Google Images is to be believed.
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you can find spring-loaded curtain rods of pretty much any width at your local hardwares store, but I suspect they won't hold up to much orthogonal tugging. (ie: a curious tot could yank it out pretty easily.) Also: Spring loaded, so it can go flying when removed.

I'd probably buy some XL binder clips and clip one in the track inside of each door so they can't slide. It's unlikely a young'n could find the strength or leverage to squeeze one open.
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Do they have the top track as shown in the photo? In that case I'd just use a couple of 4" vise grips and clamp the track when the doors are shut. They're tricky enough to release that no toddler could do it.

If you can't directly access the track, buy your "tension curtain rod" thingy here and use a hacksaw to adjust it to a smaller size if necessary.

Personally, I'd just cut some wood to size and wedge it between the two doors. Cheap, easy, infinitely customizable.
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We use stick-on latches similar to the ones linked above, and like them. Probably easier to repeatedly remove and replace than a tension rod. The one drawback is you wouldn't be able to slide either door all the way open, since the latch thingy would bump into the other door.
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In the vein of halogen's vice grips I'd use a couple of dollar store 2" c-clamps.
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but I suspect they won't hold up to much orthogonal tugging

I wondered the same thing. The doors slide past each other too, so it wouldn't be a flush fit on the horizontal.

I'd probably buy some XL binder clips and clip one in the track inside of each door

That might be worth a shot too.

I ordered some of the adhesive latches, so we'll do a side by side and see which one works better!
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We use these magnetic latches to secure the entertainment center and the liquor cabinet from jordemort-2. I'm not sure they'd work for a sliding door though.
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Thanks for all of your responses! Bought some adhesive strap locks via brainmouse's suggestion, and they work like a charm!
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