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I employ a large number of people from Somalia and I'm looking to support a group doing work around the devastating famine currently in the region. Suggestions?
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This is very thoughtful of you!
The map on this page lists a bunch of organizations that are doing work throughout the Horn. Here's options from the Guardian.

In my experience, the World Food Programme is always good and on the ground. Action Contre le Faim (Action Against Hunger in the US), Concern Worldwide, and World Vision all do great work.
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Here is a great report on the scope of the problem to start. For NGO support, the three leaders in this space right now are the Red Cross, World Vision (warning: religious), and UNICEF.
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The International Rescue Committee- their page on this is here. They get really good ratings on transparency and amount of each donation going to direct benefit programs (instead of admin or fundraising) from Charity Navigator and Charity Watch.
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Thanks all, sorry for the late response!
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