Ovarian cyst pain
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Anyone ever felt pain from ovarian cyst popping? I got diagnosed three weeks ago with an ovarian cyst on the left side. I have been doing some house work that involved lots of bending over and today it started hurting. I have this full pain. How long after it pops does it hurt? I take it that it is from that since it is left side pain and not right which could also be the appendix. My ovarian cyst is a simple one that is 58 mm
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Serious persistent abdominal pain should send you to the ER. Ovarian cysts are painful when they burst but mostly harmless, but there are many other more serious things it could be.
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Appendix pain can manifest on the left. Speaking from experience.
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I had an ovarian cyst about the size of a walnut swell to the size of a grapefruit when I was ovulating once. The pain started dull and mildush, but became so persistently intense that I nearly passed out a few times. It was on my left side and because I was very young, doctors assumed I had appendicitis - so they put me under for an appendectomy. It turns out my appendix was fine and my treatment for the cyst swelling was new BCP. I tell you this because if the pain persists you should get to an ER, be clear about your cyst diagnosis but it could be your appendix too! Just make sure they are sure if they want to do emergency surgery. :)
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I recently read this article about a woman who went to the ER with pain (what is described in the article sounds more sever than what you described). This article scared me a bit, and makes me say that you should consider go to the ER. Better safe than sorry - please take care of yourself. Sending good thoughts your way!
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I've had many (including one surgically removed) and they've always landed me in the ER for pain medication. The last one happened when I was at the doctor for a regular appointment, I had mentioned that I could feel the pain coming on and I swear it burst as he was pressing down on my abdomen to examine. My reaction made him fax the ER to let them know I was on my way.

I knew from experience that I just needed two percocet, a heating pad, and 6-8 hours on my couch to cry it out but he insisted on the ER anyways as it could have been an ovarian torsion, appendicitis, or simply the burst cyst but without immediate attention we wouldn't know for sure. It was fine (see experience above but take away the heating pad and move from couch to hospital for the crying portion) and I was a bit resentful that my self-diagnosis was ignored in the interest of good medicine, but I promised him in the future always to go, simply because there's no other way to confirm what it is.

So, yeah, I'm so sorry - ER. They're brutal and I hope you feel better soon!
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Ovarian torsion - the cyst twisting can damage the ovary. The pain can be from the twisting. Mine required surgery ( it was twisted 7 times! The surgeon took photos. To prove it. I declined to take home the photos)
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Seconding Valancy (who is the first time i've ever met someone else other than me who had ovarian torsion - hi there!). And seconding that the ovary can get damaged; mine was twisted three times, but it messed up the ovary so much that they had to remove it.
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I also had ovarian torsion -- twice, years apart. Lost one ovary to it (blood flow was cut off for long enough that the tissue died); they were able to save the other one by removing the cyst and untwisting it. OP, if the pain is severe, go to the doctor; it could indeed be ovarian torsion and you want to get that looked at.
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Oh lord, I am so sorry. I have cysts rupture several times a year, usually when they're small. Ugh. One time was so bad I was hospitalized for 3 days -- I have never been in that much pain ever, and that includes the time I was bitten by a bullet ant.

Serious swelling can cause torsion so please go! At least go to urgent care for an ultrasound to make sure you don't need further care or surgery.
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I had one cyst rupture, resulting in massive blood loss, and was misdiagnosed as a heavy period.

The second cyst, years later, was so incredibly painful that it would wake me up from deep sleep. I was correctly diagnosed with that one, given pain meds, and I think the surgery was about a week later. That was also when I found out I had endometriosis -- has your doc checked you out for this too yet? Do mention it.

Are you saying that the doc isn't recommending surgery but is just waiting for it to pop? You will definitely need better pain meds.

And depending on what ovary is affected, the pain will appear on that side. Mine was always on my right.
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Ovarian cysts are one of those things that falls between the cracks of healthcare. Six years ago, I had severe lower right abdominal pain. I left work to go the urgent care down the street. Urgent care said "Hospital, now." That hospital visit sent me home with a handful of Vicodin. I was back in the ER the day, got admitted, and an laparoscopic surgery (which removed my healthy appendix) showed an egg sized ruptured ovarian cyst. I've had several ruptured cysts since then, and my former GP and the general ER shrugged their shoulders and told me to take naproxen. I went to a women's hospital the day after I went to the main hospital's ER and they at least gave me a small script of painkillers. My cysts have always been complex, so I got an IUD last August as a preventative. Moral of the story, if you have a women's hospital near you, go there instead of the general ER. The pain of a ruptured cyst is serious and underrated.
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A rupture can do that, and so can a torsion. (The torsion hurts like a $#@&*!) It could also be other things. I'd get it looked at ASAP.
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Please tell us when you've returned from the ER.
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Have told the story here several times but yes – a torsioned ovary is a thing. Go to an ER to be safe. (Hey EC, we've met IRL even ;) )
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