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I need to have a headmask printed with a very specific design (from an image file). The mask should be zentai-like in application (covers the entire head; spandexy/stretchy) but does not otherwise have any cultural associations with zentai. What's the best and most reliable way to have something like this made nowadays for a customer in the USA?

I'm shooting a music video in a few months. I have an idea for an all-over, head-covering mask/hood that I need to wear for certain parts of the shoot. The mask should conform to my face and cannot be loose or baggy. The idea is to have a humanoid appearance when being worn. No eye or ear holes will be required.

The design cannot be hand-drawn or hand-replicated, as it is scientific/mathematical in nature and has to be precisely screened from the original image. (That doesn't mean it needs to "scale" once it's wrapped over my head, just that the design cannot be a replica.)

I've looked up all kinds of zentai companies, but I'm not terribly convinced by anecdotal reviews of any of them, and most of them seem to be overseas (I'm in California). I certainly don't mind offshoring the job, but I want to make sure the company is gonna do this right.

I don't need a body suit option, so if I can have the hood made by itself, that would be preferable.

Anyone have direct experience/recommendations ordering something like this? Budget is not too much of a concern (up to, say, $150).
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Total Fabrication in Sylmar does a lot of professional work.
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Assuming you can get a plain mask, you might want to look for commercial printer targeting medium-to-industrial sized businesses. I know someone who runs such a print shop here in the midwest that does everything from paper printing to vehicle wraps to elaborate restaurant signs, and this is the sort of thing I think they'd enjoy figuring out. Maybe you can find a similar local printer.
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Best answer: I would probably print the design on "sport lycra" fabric via spoonflower, and then have it turned into a hood separately (cosplayer or skilled seamstress). There are patterns for zentai hoods online that you could use to scale the design, or you could just print a few variations on the same piece of fabric - I don't think you can buy less than a yard anyhow.
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