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I'm participating in the #5WomenArtists campaign to highlight women artists throughout Women's History Month. I've also participated in #RPMChallenge, #TheBigDraw, and of course there's #NaNoWriMo. This has me interested in the proliferation of these wide-scale projects, often organized by hashtag, often tied to a particular spot on the calendar, which invite people to participate, contribute and share. What others do you know about?

I'd love to have a big list so I can think about how to encourage more creation and participation. Doesn't have to be arts only - politics, sports, etc, all welcome.
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Art-wise, there is Inktober.
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A growing number of cities have fun-a-day months where you make a piece of art every day and participate in a group show at the end of the month.
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Rug hooking guilds hold hook-ins, which combine a display of rugs with a session of hooking.
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There are so, so many fandom things that work like this. To give an especially picturesque example, June 5th and 6th, the dates of the real 1832 uprising referenced in Les Misérables, are celebrated in the Les Mis fandom as Barricade Day/s. It's traditional for people to make art, stories et cetera which remember both real and fictional revolutionaries. (There's even a bit of a tradition whereby happy/uplifting stuff happens on the 5th ('Barricade Eve') and the real mourning begins on the 6th ('Barricade Day).)
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I'm surprised there haven't been more responses! I know there are so many of these types of wide-participation things. These are great, and you're right - there are so many.
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