Do the February 6, 1999 SNL Behind the Music skits exist online?
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Going into commercial on season 24, episode 12 of Saturday Night Live, there were three short parodies of VH1's Behind the Music promos. One was Gwyneth Paltrow doing Joan Jett, one was Chris Kattan doing John Oates, and one was Jimmy Fallon doing Colin Hay. I have looked in vain for these for years. (They are cut out of the episode replays.) The closest I've come is a deleted YouTube video. Are they out there somewhere?
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The SNL app has episodes from every season and every show. I took a quick look at season 24 and there are quite a few videos of sketches there. Might be worth a look.
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You can also get all of SNL on Seeso.
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SNL polices online videos pretty aggressively; it's always a bit of work to find that Sam Waterston Ad for Old Glory Insurance, which insures old people against robot attack.

But they've been on Hulu (authorized videos) as long as Hulu was around, and that was prior to the aforementioned SNL App and Seeso. So, Hulu if you can't find what you're looking for on the other two.
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Thanks for the answers, everyone. I had already tried the SNL app, but I got a subscription to Seeso and to Hulu to see if maybe they'd be there. No such luck.

SNL's bizarre clearance/archive choices are maddening.
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IMO pretty much all weird windowing of content availability is super annoying and almost certainly leads to nontrivial amounts of piracy that would be purchases or ad-supported views with a more rational approach.
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I had a similar issue recently when I was desperately trying to find the Neil Diamond/Bigfoot sketch, only to find that all legal SNL sources drop any sketch that contains music. Check your MeFi mail...
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