Manga / Anime instruction books for a 12 Year Old Girl?
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My soon-to-be 12 year old niece is getting into drawing Manga and Anime. I'm looking for some helpful instructional books for Manga / Anime.

According to her mother (my sister) these books are something she would be into:

The Manga Artist's Workbook


The Master Guide to Drawing Anime

Can anybody recommend better instructional material for a young budding manga artist?

Are there any other gifts that might suit her burgeoning interest?

Perhaps an age appropriate classic Manga graphic novel or Anime film?

I did see this thread, and many of the suggestions are helpful.

And to help understand applicable logistics of time and space: I am in Germany, she is in the US.
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The How To Draw Manga series is pretty good. I think much of it is out of print but available used (like here). I can't help with knowing what you can buy from Germany and ship to the US. Although they are popular, I wouldn't recommend the Hart books. We went shopping for drawing books for our similarly-aged daughter recently and precisely zero of the “manga” books at the store were by people who had any experience actually drawing manga. We did buy a general drawing technique book.
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The How to Draw Manga series is really aimed at a certain kind of market, and features a lot of ... cheesecake, at best. So if you can find a way to flip through one before you decide to order it, that would be best.

(Seconding the advice to avoid the terrible Hart books.)
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