Wedding gifts for my boy children?
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I am getting married to a wonderful man who will be my 2 sons' new step-dad. I want to give my boys something from us to commemorate the event. If I had daughters, it would be easy to pick out a nice piece of jewelry for them, but I'm stumped with what to get for a 7 year old and 3.5 year old boy. More details inside!

The wedding is in August. I'm looking for a commemorative gift, not necessarily something they will wear at the wedding. I understand that both boys will probably think whatever we give them will be awful and boring, but I hope it can be something they will treasure, and when they're older they can look back on it as a symbol of the time they welcomed their step-dad into the family.

Their bio-dad's is awesome and very much in the picture, so I'm not looking for "dad" type things. They're both pretty typical 7 and 3 year olds. The oldest is more sensitive and sentimental, so I would probably have him in mind when picking the gift out, and get his little brother the same thing.

If they were girls, my fiancé and I would have a blast picking out the perfect charm bracelet for them, and then add to it along our lifetime together. Is there a charm bracelet for boys? I love the idea of gifting them something that can grow as our family grows and experiences new things.

My 7 year old is very excited about my wedding, and my ring, so I think it would be special for him to get something sweet and valuable from us, because I want the day to be about the 4 of us rather than the 2 of us. Future step-dad is amazing and loves the kids as his own, and they're both very fond of him too.

Thank you!
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For a lot of people, watches for men/boys are sort of analogous to jewelry for women/girls. Not exactly a charm bracelet, but something they may (eventually) enjoy, appreciate, and wear.

It would be easy to get moderately priced watches engraved with names and dates. I'd probably go for a face that seems oversized now, let them grow into them. Bands can be an adjustable/extendable type or simply switched out later as they grow. Pocket watches are also an option that gives more room to engrave and avoid the band issue.
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Nice model cars/spaceships/airplanes they can play with, that have the date and your family's names engraved on them.
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How about a very nice wooden keepsake box that has an engraving or plaque or something on the inside? One that is big enough to hold keepsakes and important papers, and that can sit on a dresser or a mantel in the future as they grow up. Etsy has a great selection, both in style and in price.
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Seconding the idea of a keepsake box.
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Look for first communion bracelets that can be customized with a different charm and also boys leather bracelets on Etsy. You can find leather bracelets with findings that allow charms to be attached or ID style bracelets.


(I like the keepsake box idea, maybe with an age-appropriate, fun item inside they can enjoy now.)
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Christmas tree ornament! My Mom always gave out fancy Christmas tree ornaments to commemorate special events. Not something Christmassy, just something meaningful. That way every time you decorate the tree together you remember all the great times you had together. Also, if it's especially cool you can hang it from a shelf in the boy's room where they can see it every day.
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My son always felt a little cheater at that age that he didn't have access to the pretty things that girls could have. The best I found for him was a gold tie tack.

But if you really like the idea of a charm bracelet that you can add on to over time, why not get an earring tree (here's one that evokes the loving family tree image), buy the charms and then get some inexpensive charm holders or even some cheap wine charm holders that you can thread through the charm and use it hang it from he tree. Then the charm tree can live on a dresser where it gets seen all the time instead of living in a jewelry box where it never gets seen or used.
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I love the idea of a "treasure box" and that's something that we can continue to add keepsakes too, thank you! I also love the Xmas tree ornament idea, we'll probably do that around Christmas time for them too.

I also love the tie tack idea, I could get them both pins to wear for the ceremony and then they can put them in their treasure boxes! Thank you hive mind!
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I'm late. I was also going to say keepsake box. And it could be a 'treasure box'. It could even have some kind of map of your future in it.

And yesterday I was looking at some cute enameled pins online. My adult son sometimes puts pins on his hats, so I imagine enameled pins could be a semi-reasonable substitute for your desire to buy charms
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A letter to each son would be nice too. I gave my preschool nephew a gift for being our ring bearer along with a short letter praising him and read it to him at the reception. He LOVED that letter so much. He literally puffed up with pride as it was read aloud.
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My family had a printer's tray hanging on the wall which was great for storing and displaying small keepsakes. You could get them each one and fill them up over the years with charms or pins or vacation souvenirs or whatever you/they want to remember.
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I think a nice pocketknife, perhaps with a message engraved on the handle would be a good keepsake as well.
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Pocket watches or cufflinks you keep for them maybe?
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We did this, here's my previous askme. I got the pewter loving cups for Christmas and they were a big hit with the boys. I had them engraved "our family began today" and the date. They use them at every family dinner and I'm sure the sentiment will be more important to them when they grow up.
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Along with these wonderful ideas: are the new grandparents involved? Speaking from experience, a donut date in the morning with them while you two are prepping for the wedding is intensely appreciated by all parties. Not a keepsake, but a lovely memory.
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