She wants to eat [sophisticated] cake in Los Angeles, California
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One of our group has a birthday coming up...we'll be in La Brea/Wilshire area restaurant but need to find a great cake to pick up for dessert and singing. Sweet Lady Jane isn't cutting it any longer--and we don't want a 'boring' old fashioned type of Susie Cakes for our birthday girl.

We might swing by Lady M, but this would be the second time in two weeks that we go there.
Where else should we consider for a great tasting, sophisticated, chocolate cake in LA? [some of us will be in downtown, so consider that area as well as La Brea]
thanks y'all!
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Best answer: I love Lark. We had chocolate cupcakes from there at an engagement party and they were divine.

My two go-to bakeries for cakes when I haven't had time to put in a custom gourmet order are King's Hawaiian and Paris Baguette. KH cakes taste amazing, but are not aesthetically sophisticated. PB cakes are pretty and taste great. Neither are particularly sophisticated, but I'd take their cakes over most fancy bakeries for taste, hands down.
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Must it be all-chocolate? Kiev cake (nuts, buttercream, chocolate, meringue) from Karina's Cake House in Glendale is the best cake I've had in years.
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Best answer: Portos, a Cuban bakery in Glendale, has great cakes. But be prepared for long lines.
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Best answer: Republique will make a whole salted caramel chocolate cake with enough notice. It's their only cake, but it's so very very good. (I know this isn't your typical bakery situation, but it's the best "sophisticated cake" I could think of.)
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Is Atwater too far for the DTLA folks? Proof Bakery has a delicious chocolate espresso cake.

(And while I was googling I found this Buzzfeed video testing cakes in three price ranges; #1 is Porto's, mentioned above, this is the middle and the third from Bottega Louie costs $1200.)
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Butter Cakes is pretty good.
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Response by poster: Great suggestions!!
I think Lark will fit the bill the best, but thanks for reminding me of other great options such as Porto's and Republique [?! who knew?]
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