Finding interesting scenes from TV and film for voice training
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I'm a transwoman, pretty early on in transition, and need to start practising training my voice. I want to have a set of dialogues I can use to do that with where I can take a recording, blank out one character's lines in the dialogue and play it back, speaking the appropriate lines myself. I'm looking for recommendations and suggestions of scenes from TV and film that would be useful for this.

The kind of scenes I'm looking for are fun and feature strong female characters talking about interesting things, but shouldn't be overly shouty or have too much overlapping dialogue or background noise/music. If there's a clip of it on YouTube or something where I can grab the audio that's a bonus. The kinds of things I've thought of so far are some of Scully's scenes in the X-Files and Buffy/Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I'm drawing a blank on specific scenes. I think there's probably a large cross-over between the kind of stuff I watch and things popular among MeFites, but I don't necessarily need to know the show/film for a scene from it to be useful to me, so I'd love to hear your suggestions.
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I think interview shows might be good for what you want, there would be very little talking over each other and you can hear a person's voice change over the course of the interview. Here's one with Jennifer Lawrence on Charlie Rose that might work.
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Ally Sheedy's lines starting here in the Breakfast Club are pretty great. Probably a lot of good scenes from that movie.
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I could listen to Yvette Nicole Brown talk all day. She's strong, funny, and tough but I find her voice calming. Here she is on Talking Dead, the Walking Dead after-show: 1, 2, 3 (possible spoilers.) She also starred in MeFi favorite, Community, but I can't find any clips.

I couldn't find any video clips from the show, but here is an interview with Rhea Seehorn, who plays Kim Wexler on Better Call Saul with a great clip from the show.
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What about Scandal? There's a lot of strong female characters and the dialogue is full of speeches.
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