Help me and my partner meet some people in Boston
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I live in Boston and my LDR partner is coming for a visit. She'd like me to find some activities where "we'd be able to meet others, not like a concert or something where we'd be isolated". Halp.

I'm kind of new to the area and have had a hard time making connections, so she's trying to help me out. She'll be here Friday 3/10–Monday 3/12 and also Sunday 3/19–Monday 3/20.

We're in our late 20s and 30s respectively. We happen to be poly and kinky, so we're up for those kind of events (I've already checked fetlife), but nonsexy stuff is also of interest.
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It might be about as nonsexy as you can get, but board game nights can be a fun way to meet people. I don't know of any in Boston specifically, but I would be amazed if there were none there. They can be found at game stores or as regularly scheduled meetups.
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A cooking class?
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Was going to suggest social dance, as I always do, but Blues is on Tuesday and Contra is Monday and Thursday, so neither of those work. But there are other dances! Maybe Balkan?
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If you go the cooking class route, I'd suggest Shiso Kitchen in Somerville.
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If you want to learn how to become more politically active, March 11 is the day the ACLU is having People Power meetings nationally. Go to their website and see where there's a meeting near you. Lots of people.
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MeFi meetup?
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I'm sure you have already thought of this, but the first place I'd check out is Other resources are The Boston Calendar, Bostinno, & Goldstar. Perhaps less helpful but sometimes surprisingly informative are The City of Boston's ArtsBoston Calendar and The Boston Public Library Calendar. Hope that helps!
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There's an interesting Sound Lab project at the Gardner this weekend official link, facebook link.

The ICA is hosting an Art and Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon on Sunday the 12th, with free admission to the museum if you RSVP in advance: official link, facebook

Lots of food and drink deals in Union Square for their 2nd Saturday program.

Maybe not so interactive, but you can get tintype portraits taken in Cambridge on the 12th.

There is a T-accessible contra dance on Sunday the 19th in Porter Sq.
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It doesn't quite line up with your timing, but for future reference there's a regular MeFi trivia meetup on alternate Thursdays in Inman Square in Cambridge. Check IRL for the meetup posts.
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. But there are other dances!

Swing City is one of the best things about Boston. Beginner-friendly, nice people, great outfits, great fun.
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Cambridge Center for Adult Education has some one-day classes on those weekends, mostly food-related.
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