What is this intergalactic communication story?
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Many years ago, I read a fantastic short science fiction story, written as a series of messages across centuries between Earth and an alien planet. One of the cool aspects for me was the long time gaps between the messages. At the end, I think it was AIs communicating with each other. It may have been printed in one of Gardner Dozois' 'Best of the year' anthologies. Hope you can help me find it - I would love to read it again.
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It's not Asimov's The Last Question, is it?
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The Genesis Quest?
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I immediately thought of The Last Question, too.
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Related to Polychrome's suggestion: Asimov also played with the theme of continuous conversation in his short story, "My Son, the Physicist."
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Sounds like The Light Years from Italo Calvino's Cosmicomics, though I read it a million years ago.
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Florence by Charlie Yu
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Thanks very much, everyone. I don't think it's any of these, but the stories still look great. I've added them to my to-read list.
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The Mortal Passages trilogy has AI ships communicating back and forth as they try to find a new home for humanity and swathes of it are written as dated messages between ships or logs by the ships IIRC.
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Was it, "Another Story or Fisherman of the Inland Sea," by Ursula LeGuin, recently anthologized in The Time Traveler's Almanac?
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