Dog Trainer/Behaviorist in Phoenix?
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Can you recommend a dog trainer or behaviorist in the Phoenix area who can help my little pup with barking issues?

Zelda is a pretty awesome little dog. But over the past several months, she's developed some barking issues. We'd like to get some help with this--partly, because Zelda is half beagle and her bark is the auditory equivalent of a shot of turpentine, but more importantly because I worry she's growing anxious or feels unsafe.

So, I'd like to find someone to help us! Someone who emphasizes positive reinforcement and accepts that the 'alpha dog' stuff is bullshit. Can you make a recommendation? Or, if not, can you give me any advice for sifting through all of the different dog trainers who show up on a Google search?
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Ask your vet who they recommend.
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I don't have any recommendations for Phoenix proper, but try the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, which is an organization which promotes humane, positive reinforcement dog training. There is a search function for trainers on their site.

They have also have a great list of questions to ask potential trainers. I would look for someone who says they do only positive reinforcement training; many trainers do a mix of positive reinforcement methods and punishment, which (in my view) is not only not based in science but isn't very kind to our buddies.
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