Thank you gift ideas for an almost-lawyer
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I'm after suggestions for a thank you present to someone who helped draft a response to a performance review I didn't agree with. I want it to be of value proportional to the advice one would receive from a law graduate who is not yet registered as a lawyer (because that's what she is).

In terms of her interests:

- Professional - still not sure what she wants to do. She has tossed up medicine, nurse working in a GP practice, bioethics, drug approval applications to the federal regulatory agency, and has recently taken out a patent for a medical device (which I can't discuss because it's very early days). So I guess either science or the junction of science and law.
- Personal - she's in the process of moving back to the country with her partner who's a GP. She's also recently acquired a pet bird. Her personal interests include restoration of antique furniture, cooking (all sorts of cuisine), piano, and wine. When we last talked (it's been about 6 weeks due to both of us being extremely busy) she was also considering learning a language together with her partner, and they were deciding between French and German.

As she's a spontaneous cook (plus given how much she's helped me) I don't think a cookbook alone is quite up to the mark. I don't know the first thing about restoring antique furniture but it sounds like a promising gift idea. I will give wine anyway, so I'm really after suggestions for the something extra. Thanks for your ideas!
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How about a gift box of interesting spices from Penzey's? It would be a good match with her interest in spontaneous cooking from diverse cuisines and they are available at different price points.
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@metahawk sorry I should clarify, I'm in Australia, so anything that is non-location specific (or won't cost a fortune to ship from the US) would be great. Thanks for the idea though, I should see if there's an Australian equivalent
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Herbie's has spice kits.
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Gewurzhaus is another Aus option. I've received spices from there in similar circumstances. Also wine.
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I think she might enjoy Harold McGee's incredible book: "On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen", and a bottle of Champagne (a non-vintage from Pol Roger, Laurent Perrier, Veuve, or Bollinger).
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I follow this lovely account, The Agrarian Kitchen, on Instagram. They are a farm-based cooking school in Tasmania and have classes and workshops. Perhaps a paid workshop for her to attend? Or something in a similar vein wherever she's located in Australia might be an "experience" gift she'd enjoy.
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