Which Kitchen Witch?
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For sentimental / familial reasons, I'm looking for small kitchen witch. However, I am mostly finding cutesy puppets & Halloween knickknacks, and I'm looking for a more stylish alternative. Ideas?

Various Swedish relatives of mine have always had witches hanging in their kitchens, and I really like this idea & tradition. However: the crafty / bumpy puppet riding a broom or cooking spoon I often see won't fly in our kitchen. I'm looking for something that nods in that direction but fits with our style & other stuff (midcentury modern; some type-heavy prints I'd call design nerd stuff).

Things I've considered that don't exactly work: a print from Kiki's Delivery Service, orange crate art with a witch, old ads for Strega liqueur. I'd consider little hanging/standing objects too but everything I've found* feels too hippie, too sexy, or too farmhouse-cutesy. It's possible I am being too fussy & looking for incompatible things here, but: Metafilter, do you have offbeat suggestions that would serve as a kitchen witch? Cheeky is fine; but nothing overtly sexy or lascivious, please. (I am also not looking for actual religious items.) Thanks!

*I have already looked at other metafilter threads, including this AskMe and the great (though witchless) show-us-your-art MeTa. I've also looked a fair amount on google, etsy, ebay, & various art sites I like, and I'll continue to do so. Hoping here for a line of thinking that hasn't occurred to me yet.
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Oh hey what about this cute witch spoon holder/steam releaser? If you wanted to keep her out and about you could get a dedicated spoon for her and set her on a shelf.
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Do these dolls from Celtic Soulcraft speak to you?
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I'm not entirely clear on what you don't want but I am a fan of witch silhouette hooks or clocks.
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Best answer: There are a few stained glass versions on etsy. The chef one is a more contemporary take.

If you have some idea what you want, consider finding someone who makes that kind of thing in non-kitchen-witch format on etsy and contacting them to see if they'll do a special request.
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A Lego witch minifig with a blank face? Small enough to be unobtrusive.
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Cookie Jar?

I also found this cute little guy who might fit in with some midcentury looks (and is small enough to put somewhere unobtrusive if not)
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Best answer: Some other thoughts -

Hang a plate on the wall? More 50's. Or more modern

I love this china figure - if your design-nerd taste runs more to Alessi / Rashid then don't bother clicking

Chrome or silver window decal

It hangs, it's totally modern, and (okay, only you will know) it's called Bad Witch
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A Funko POP witch is cutesy but not specifically farmhouse cutesy.
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This kitchen witch bell is kind of cool and not "country" looking.

I also really, really like this tile, which evokes the idea, but is funky.
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"I Married a Witch" mid-century-style movie memorabilia; tiny, vintage, Swedish copper cauldron.
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Could you find some sort of hearth broom that appeals and hang it in your kitchen?
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How about a witches hat lamp ? Might be a bit too abstract but would definitely fit with modern and not cutesy.
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Do you want something with a traditional-style pointy witch's hat? If not, that opens up a lot more options!
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Oh! Also - could you post a photo of your kitchen? That might make it easier to look for things that fit your aesthetic.
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Response by poster: This is great, please keep 'em coming! There’s lots here I hadn’t considered, & that’s helpful. A few followup clarifications & answers to your questions (can’t post photos of my kitchen, sorry):

if your design-nerd taste runs more to Alessi / Rashid then don't bother clicking
It does, and I clicked anyway, and I’m glad I did! That figurine is really weird & I like it.

Celtic Soulcraft?
Not my style. They’re neat, but I think they’re too earnest, which makes me realize a criterion I didn’t know I had: turns out I am looking for something with a sense of humor.

Tomie de Paola’s Strega Nona
A page or cover from Strega Nona is on my shortlist! (Similar era & idea: some Ed Emberley “how to draw witches” instructions.)

pointy witch's hat?
Nope, I don’t think it has to have the hat.
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if you Google Image search vintage witch cards or vintage witch images there is a lot of cool stuff!
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Kitchen Hermione Granger?
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Not a witch, but a source of inspiration since you do like Alessi/Karim Rashid:

CB2 does a cool interpretation/abstraction of the traditional nutcracker every year. (google images link)

Does their astronaut nutcracker speak to you? What would a witch look like in this style?
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Ah, what about a small frame with a picture of Witch Hazel? (Though I do love the idea of a little Ed Emberley witch!)
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I like these in brass and glass(alternate).

Also this cute wooden one.

But not this.
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My mom and various aunts had something like this and it held spoons and spatulas. She was ceramic, I think. Another here.
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I'm printing out that Ed Emberley one right now to put in my kitchen!!
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