reading list for the revolution
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I'm looking to compile texts, stories, etc. that are on the interwebs written by queer people of color.

I have weird 15-20 minute breaks at work and usually fill the time by writing or reading random articles on the internet. I want to dive deeper into intersectional feminism and am pretty ~over~ 2nd wave white woman feminist pieces. What canonical texts from people of color (especially queer poc) do you recommend? Looking for pieces reflecting on structural violence, systems of oppression AND solutions/ways forward. I've found ain't i a woman online as well as some Audre Lorde. Also have been digging through the Black Lives Matter Syllabus and Standing Rock Syllabus.
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Apologies for the poor formatting, but here are some that I've bookmarked/tweeted/otherwise tweeted over the past year or hopefully fit the bill! (sarah ahmed is super brilliant, so definitely check out her other work on/offline as well)
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