Lost Basset Hound on the Run! Where do they go?
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Last night our 5 year old female Basset Hound took off. Breed owners or experts, where do they go? Do they wander off forever? Do they find their way back home? Straight line or circles? More below the fold.

This dog is my grandson's favorite beloved dog. We have got to find her. We have local social media covered as well as local vets. But where do these dogs go when they take off?
Last night in the Aurora Colorado area the temperature only got into the 40's. The neighborhood is residential but there are lots of open grassy spaces which is where I last saw her before she took off again. Any tips appreciated. Thanks!
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My personal experience (owned both a bloodhound mix and purebred coonhound): Scenthounds follow their nose and usually don't come back of their own volition. That's why working scenthounds used for hunting are all fitted with tracking radio collars. They are highly trained to hunt but all the training in the world will not guarantee they will come home.

I think the way to go is definitely work the social media, the flyers, the vets, the animal shelters, and don't constrain yourself to just your immediate area. They can and do go a long, long way off before they even notice they're not in Kansas anymore. But a friendly basset will be easily noticed and probably picked up by a well-meaning bystander (esp if they have food). Was she wearing a collar with identification?
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We have local social media covered as well as local vets.

You should also let the local shelter(s) know that she is missing. Many folks who find a stray will take them to a shelter, especially if they aren't pet owners and don't have a relationship with a vet.

As for your actual question, scenthounds definitely follow their noses and will continue to do so until they're well and truly lost. Folks I know have had good luck staying put with some food, and/or in leaving food and articles of worn clothing in strategic locations.

Good luck!
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Leave some smelly clothes outside (maybe something from the hamper? definitely something unwashed). Friend of mine lost his beagle on a hunting trip...left his coat...and returned the next day to find his dog sleeping on the coat.
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Sometimes the local beat cops spot dogs on patrol as they drive around. Maybe let your local cops know you've lost a dog and give them a picture too.
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Also notify the nearest Basset Hound rescue group, on the off chance someone picks her up and just calls them first.
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Many communities now have Facebook groups dedicated to looking for lost dogs and they can be quite effective! Maybe see if yours has one and post there?

I have a friend who is a member of one of these groups and keeps a two-ended leash in his apartment for just these instances. When he sees an alert go out, he heads out with his own dog on one end of the leash to look for the lost dog.
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Found! After being on the lam for about 12 hours overnight, a runner found our chagrined Basset. Social media (I think a local facebook group) was the key here. The dog traveled about a mile from where I last spotted her. Thanks!
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You know the rules here. Pic or it didn't happen.
Next to beagles, bassets are the bestest.
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12/10 good runner
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So, if awesome basset (whose pic here is really overdue now that the anxiety has ended) were to wander off again . . I recommend microchip installation and/or what I use for my Aussie, who is my profile pic, pethub.com
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My basset slipped her collar, ran straight into a pond, and got stuck in the mud. But she is a special creature.
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Here is the beloved girl now, along with my happy grandson : Darn it can't get link to work...
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Keep trying. Just post the link, don't worry if it's not clickable, we'll take care of that :)
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Just a missing-Basset-related story to warm your heart: when I was a teen, my Basset slipped out of our neighbour's house while we were away on vacation. Neighbours freaked, put up posters, searched all over. There were reports from people who'd seen him take himself on a walk on the exact route I always walked him through the park, maybe searching for me. That's a Basset's love of routine for you.

Just so happened that the movie "Cinderella Man" was being shot in our neighbourhood at the time, and a large group of the crew and cast got in on the Basset-hunting action, as well.

The cast and crew of Cinderella Man found my Basset Hound sitting under somebody's trampoline. I believe they lured him out with food. Thanks, Russell Crowe!

Glad your hound's safe and sound.
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Ah, yes, While we wait for the picture - when my old Basset slipped out the door as we were packing the car to leave on vacation, she followed her nose. It was about fifteen minutes before we'd even noticed she was gone, but she'd made it over two miles away and was picked up by a police car who saw her loping along with her nose to the ground on the trail of something. Thankfully she was easily distracted and lured into their car by their lunch offerings. By the time we found the number and called the right pound (in Buffalo at the time) she had been incarcerated for about 20 minutes and we were begged to come and pick her up right away and they wouldn't charge the recovery fee if we could come really really soon. Few can stand a Basset baying for long, it seems.

Back at home, if she escaped she'd always head straight to the dog park across the street, and enjoy all the scents and stinky things to roll in, and the feral cat poop buffet in the playground sandbox.

Next time a Basset escapes, I'd say yes, leave worn clothes and bedding - but a plate of hot dogs will do too.

And Miss T.Horn - funnily, I live in TO too, and lived in Leslieville back then, and my current boss was the background costume coordinator for that movie, but we had a well-behaved Rottweiler at the time. And now we have a Rottie again. Molly the Bad Basset was a fun adventure - but it seems we are not of the hound persuasion.
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The link is working now and take a look. You can see my grandson is happy!
It was great to hear all the stories about this wonderful, loved breed.
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That is the sweetest baby dog! And grandson!
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