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Old sink=stained and ugly. Want a nice, low maintenance new sink. Oh, and not too spendy!

Our kitchen sink is coming up on 18 years of use. We did a remodel back then, but skimped on quality; the double white sink was an acrylic "gel coat"one that lost it's gloss the first year. It's scratched, and I can no longer bleach the stains out. I have been looking at Home Depot online, and the choices, omg, the choices! Hence, this ask...

The particulars: it's a standard size, 33 x 22. I want a white sink. We have a dishwasher, but I do hand wash things frequently. I pour out leftover coffee, and rinse out the blender after making berry smoothies, which has badly stained the current sink. And that's even with rinsing the sink immediately after I pour stuff in the drain. I swear, the acrylic just sucks up the stains..

I see some cast iron sinks (Kohler) that look promising, but they don't say what the coating is? So, I am looking for tough, scratch and stain resistant, moderately priced and easily obtainable white, double kitchen sink. Go!
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The Koehler sinks are enameled cast iron. The surface does resist stains, but can become scratched over time, at which point it won't be as stain resistant. I have a wire grid with rubber feet in the bottom of mine, so most items never actually touch the surface.

If you want bulletproof, you need to go to stainless steel. Otherwise, I think the enameled cast iron is great, but you'll have to take more care with it, and it isn't exactly cheap.
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We got a white granite composite sink from a company called Blanco during our recent remodel. (Here's the line at Home Depot.) Almost a year in, it is so far indestructible. When it gets dirty (poured-out coffee, leftover curry, etc), I can scrub it clean and bright white again with a little soap and a bristly sponge.
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We have a Blanco granite composite sink like the ones minervous linked to. We love it. As mentioned, it can take anything you throw at it. It is stronger than our quartz counters. If I ever have to do another kitchen, I will definitely stick with this sink.
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I also have the cast iron sink from Kohler. We've had it for 10 years and even kept it during our recent remodel. The only problem I have had is a tiny bit of rust where the drain may not be sealed/attached properly - it actually scrubs away ok. It gets a good scrubbing once a month and looks good.

My mom happens to have the same sink and she swears by this particular sink mat.
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