Looking for a good Password Manager that works with Chrome OS.
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I bought an ASUS Chrome box and am moving my old win10 stuff over to it. I need a safe Password Manager that is compatible with the Chrome OS operating system.
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I've been reasonably happy with lastpass, though I don't have much experience with other options. I'd give it a recommendation. I use it on an ubuntu desktop, a chromebook, an android tablet and an iOS phone. It works fine on the chromebook.

I understand that it may leak information about which sites for which you have passwords saved, but I otherwise believe the passwords themselves to be secure.
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2nd for lastpass. It's a chrome browser app and not os dependant.
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Came in to say LastPass. I've been very happy with it.
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I just installed lastpass on my chromebook and phone this week. It's been great.
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Keepass doesn't store passwords remotely (unless you arrange it) and has Chrome plugins. It also has Android and Linux options, if you can run them on your Chromebook as well.
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I always used LastPass when I had a Chromebook.
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Best answer: My experience with passwords.google.com has been way, way better than lastpass
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Lastpass is the bomb. Not only does it work in ChromeOS, it will work across devices, including none-Chrome browsers on other OSs, Apple and Android devices, etc.
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+1 LastPass.
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