Best place to sell a laptop online?
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I have a Microsoft Surface 4 Pro that I just don't like as much as I would like the cash it might be worth. I have recently sold used iOS devices simply through a company that will appraise them and give a decent return. Is there such a venue for computers, or is there another "best" option?
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Ebay is pretty painless for selling stuff, not aware of a more specialized computer buyer.
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Sounds like you used Gazelle or Glyde. They buy Surfaces as well. Looks like neither have updated their instant offers to support Surface 4 Pro so it might be worth calling about it.
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Be careful on eBay - the seller protections aren't nearly what they used to be. If you document everything, insure everything, should be fine.

I've had a good experience with Glyde selling a used but nearly perfect cell phone.
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I bought a phone on Swappa and was happy with the experience. They have a Surface category too!
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I sold a phone on Swappa and liked it as well. They only pay you via Paypal, so take those fees into account.
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I've bought expensive items on eBay, but it feels super sketchy every time I sell expensive things there. If you go that route, make sure you're doing everything as far as seller protection 100% right, and investigate the buyer, especially if they don't have a lot of feedback or make any sort of odd request. You can find a lot of information by Googling names, email addresses, cities, etc. to make sure your buyer is a real person.
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Swappa for the win, though it took a little while and the price wasn't quite as high as anticipated. Thanks all for suggestions.
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