How many children live in each state by urbanicity?
February 17, 2017 10:32 AM   Subscribe is overwhelming me. What is the fastest way to figure out how many school-aged children live in each state broken down by whether they live in the city, suburb, or rural location?
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I think you'll like
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This is a close estimate (ages 5-17, male + female)

Though if the question was about school, not -age, this is the starting point
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Census doesn't really do suburbs and their definitions of urban and rural don't match the everyday definitions of the words. In Census-land, "rural" really means "only those people who don't live in any town at all or in very small villages." If you live in a town of 10,000 a hundred miles from the next town with more than 10,000 people, you are an urban resident because you live in the town. It gets more complicated than that very quickly.

It won't help with breaking out suburbs, but you can get a sense of "what most people mean as urban plus suburban" versus "what most people mean by rural" by looking at the population in MSAs versus the population not in MSAs.
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