Recommend some annotation / document management software
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I'm looking for some annotation / document management software.

Problem: Over 1000 files in the form of reports, theses and journal articles all in PDF format.

Each file has up to 10-12 keywords.

Ideal solution:

Drag and drop a PDF onto platform and then add keywords.

Then when it comes to retrieval, the relevant file(s) are all brought up by keyword searches.

Simplicity is key attribute. Solution can be local (Apple OS X) or Cloud-based.

All suggestions welcome.
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Evernote. Add the files, then do you keyword searches. You can add keyword tags if you like but the paid account would make this redundant. Both local and cloud based.
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DEVONthink is my go-to for all my document storage, organization, and retrieval needs. If you get the Pro Office version, it comes with what I think is the best OCR platform out there. If you already like how your PDFs are organized, it can index them in place, or you can move them into a library. Sync is over Dropbox, and there is also a great iOS app.
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