How find good inbound marketing agency?
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I have a very small consulting business targeting a specific industry. I have some money to spend (say mid 5 figures). I'd like to assemble a comprehensive inbound marketing funnel strategy to help develop content and nurture leads in this industry. I think i need some outside expertise. How do I go about finding the right one for me?
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Have you looked at LinkedIn ProFinder?

Outline what you're looking for, in a few hours to a few days you'll have local proposals to pick from.
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I work for an inbound marketing agency. I think you really need to create a matrix of all the core competencies that make up an inbound agency, and then start doing some competitor research. Figure out who your competitors are using.

In my experience, I don't think many agencies are well-rounded. Some agencies focus more on website development, while other focus more on branding and social. Yet others carve out a niche in paid advertising. Technical SEO (which include web dev and web architecture) is also hard to find. Content (strategy, blog posts, white papers, lead magnets) is often an afterthought.

So I think you are going to be looking long and hard to find the right agency that combines it all in an integrated way.
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These guys are good, and more importantly, ethical. I know the CEO both professionally and personally, but otherwise have no connection to the firm.
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Hi there,

I own a small inbound marketing agency. I would be happy to discuss with you what you are looking for and see if we are a good match. If not, I would be happy to recommend other inbound agencies who may be a better fit for you.

Take care, and good luck with your search,
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