Best way to sell Hamilton tickets?
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I ended up with two tickets to Hamilton for the March 5 matinee showing that I am not longer able to attend. I paid quite a bit in fees to get them and it looks like selling them on Stubhub will cost quite a lot more. Is there a safer way to sell them (safe for both me and the buyer) that won't cost so much? These are premium seats that are currently about $2,000 each on Stubhub. I live in the DC area.
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Response by poster: Oh, and the tickets are on Ticketmaster which also seems to have a "sell" option.
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I would use the Ticketmaster re-sell option.
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Can't you just mark up on Stubhub to cover your costs? My Dad just did this and it worked very well.
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Response by poster: Sadly, I paid enough that were I to mark them up to cover my costs they would be higher than most or all of the other tickets for sale that day.
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Ticketmaster resale will cost you as much as StubHub if not more, because you're posting for that safety. And you will have to discount them significantly on Craigslist to attract any attention. You could also try selling them directly by posting on the Hamilton subreddit, maybe you'll get lucky.

Sorry. I've been in this exact situation and it stinks. I took a huge loss.
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I just bought Hamilton tickets on craigslist, so I would encourage you to try that. But there were a lot more offers of tickets than buyers here. Good luck!
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Broadway World has an exchange thread for Hamilton tickets if you were interested in exchanging them for a different show. Someone recently created a Google Sheet with the available tickets and seats so it's easier to keep track of.
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