AskMeFites, where did/do you find your most stylish men's clothes?
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What are your go-to sources for your most fashion-forward threads? I live in Milwaukee, so specific examples relevant to that criteria are welcome, but websites, types of stores, or any other resource that you might know about that I don't are welcome as well.

I'm looking for both professional and casual clothes, so I'm pretty open to any and all suggestions. I am particular about what I wear, but I've kind of hit a rut in my wardrobe development that I'd like to get out of, so I'm looking for some different options. Thanks!
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Kinda pricey but my beloved has found some stylish, higher-quality stuff at Bonobos.
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I like shopping the sales at yoox. They have unique items from great labels that no one in the US carries. Easy returns as well.
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Nordstrom Rack has good deals on things that are more fashion forward than most places.

I also find that some of the fast fashion places have gems hidden among them. Some of my best shirts are Old Navy!
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So to start out, I think there's a big difference between "stylish" and "fashion forward". You can have one of them, neither, or both. It may be because I'm more conservative in my taste in clothes, but for me, "stylish" is more about cut and quality. It's also more enduring.

This all depends on where you are now with your personal style, where you want to go, and how much you want to spend getting there. If you're a chinos-and-polo or chinos-and-buttondown office worker and just want to tighten up that look, I'll second Bonobos, though it is indeed pricey. (And really only marginally "fashion-forward"; same duds, but better-cut.)

If you want to get into a better suit game (spanning jeans-and-blazer to business suit-and-tie to tuxes), there's Indochino, which is going to give you full-custom for cheaper than just about anything else out there.

Don't neglect shoes either-- Madden or even Kenneth Cole to Allen Edmonds is going to be a huge upgrade. But again, that's a better version of a more classic look.

Check out Uniqlo if you have one near you. It's on the fast-fashion spectrum like Asos, Old Navy, or H&M, but I've had better luck with Uniqlo than the others. The selvedge jeans are a steal.
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For men's wear sizing is always an issue. Do you fall outside of "regular" sizing? Different stores vary on this front.

I like Banana Republic for shirts - it's not amazing, but they're nice shirts and they have sales all the time and the price is decent. Their ironing-free shirts generally don't need ironing which is nice. I usually order off the website as I need tall sizes which they don't carry in store. But if you need tall shirts, they have decent ones. And they have stores everywhere which is a plus. I also find their shirt fabrics nicer than department store dress shirts which tend to be stiff and thin and generally not as nice.

I too like Uniqlo but it's a Japanese chain and their sizing is, shockingly, more towards the average Japanese guy which is to say, smaller than most US sizes. I don't tend to buy pants there as they're too small, even at larger sizes. I like their informal blazers but even the XL is not really that big. It's like a 42 or 44 tops in traditional suit sizing. So again, if you either big or tall, you may find it frustrating.

If you already shop at Banana Republic and that's the fashion rut you're trying to break out of, hey, I feel that and sorry I can't be more useful.
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Also what is your budget? Are we talking mall budget (under $200 for capsule pieces)? Or mid-range ($200-$500)? or high-end? Are we talking Banana Republic, Rag & Bone, or Prada?

And do you want classic style? Or truly fashion-forward? Saint James or APC or Opening Ceremony?

Lots of options, need to help us narrow it down :)
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Yes, meant to mention that-- body type totally key. That plus what you wear now, and budget for near-term or regular spending, would help target responses.
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Topman and Cos are two of my go-tos for interesting contemporary and mostly affordable menswear.
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I've had good luck with Bombfell in the past. Whether they'll work for you or not kind of depends on what you mean by "fashion-forward", though.
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I like Combatant Gentleman. Despite the name, they have good suits, jackets, and shirts - not too expensive. I have a good pair of chinos from there, too.
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I'm 5'9 and 165, so pretty average build. Mid-high end clothes are fine. Thanks!
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Easier to direct you at shops rather than designers.

Surface 2 Air
Commonwealth | For The Greater Good
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Take a day trip to Chicago and go to Uniqlo. I ordered some stuff from ASOS but their quality was shit.
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There is/was a higher end (casual) men's store on Broadway just south of the public market, but I can't remember the name now. Harley's in Shorewood has high end professional wear including made to measure suits and shirts.
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I tend to frequent sites like EastDane, Barney's Warehouse, and have just had a pleasant time ordering from End for the first time. These sites are big enough to usually have something on sale all the time.

Also, during sale seasons, I will spend some time taking a look at the stockist lists for some brands I particularly like (e.g. Gitman Vintage), and see what's on sale where, though you can lose an afternoon that way. It tends more towards window shopping for the most part, but you may happen upon some stores or brands you get interested in.

There's Reddit's Frugal Male Fashion subreddit, which encompasses everything from Uniqlo sales to higher-end stores - there's more focus on online shopping, but sometimes local warehouse sales or brick-and-mortar come up as well.

I also like Put This On, a blog devoted to more traditional clothing styles (preppy, pre-70's suiting styles, mid-century male celebrities as style icons, etc etc etc) not so much because I seek out clothes just like that, but they do a reasonably good job highlighting higher-end casual clothes and contemporary designers or stores that they think are "timeless" and high quality.

Lastly, you could try Grailed, which is ebay-like user-to-user reselling with brand- and size-focused filtering that will also let you save filters and reload them later, which I've gotten some nice pieces from in the past.
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Speaking of Frugal Male Fashion, you might also look at
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Goodwill Boutiques
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