Recs for emotionally based therapist for couples in Northern VA area
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Part 1: I am looking for recommendations for a licensed counselor who offers pre-marital counseling for couples and employs emotionally based therapy. Someone likely who would have us doing homework exercises out of "Hold Me Tight" or similar. Alexandria/Springfield area preferred but we are willing to work with anyone in the greater NoVA area. Female preferred. Part 2: in addition, I am also looking for recommendations for a CBT practitioner in NoVA for individual therapy. Also female preferred. Specifically looking for recs based on personal experience with the counselor and their effectiveness. thanks!
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I can't say enough great stuff about Cecilia, she's completely wonderful.

Our couples therapist is far out in Arlington. In Springfield, this practice was highly recommended but they came with a wait list.

Good luck!
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If you want someone who is actually trained in emotion focused couple therapy, use the find a therapist feature at ICEEFT (International Center of Excellence in Emotion Focused Therapy). There are different levels of training, the more training (especially if they are certified) the more confident you can be that they can do the EFT model. Some people with lower levels of training may be very good, experienced couples therapist, others may be relative beginners. As usual with therapy, personal chemistry also matters.
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We did our pre-marital sessions with Erin Metheny in McLean, and were very happy with her. She had a structured, yet flexible approach, and we still reference the workbook she had us do (the name of which is currently escaping me). Definitely give her a call and see if she seems like a good fit.
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