Step videos like Jenny Ford?
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I've been stepping with Jenny Ford YouTube videos for a couple years now. Know any other good step vids for variety?

Reasons I like Jenny Ford:
*Easy to understand instructions and combos that gradually build up so less confusion
*Includes weights in some videos
*Outdoor workouts (workouts filmed outdoors)
*Encouraging without being preachy, doesn't harp on about calories
*Vids free on YouTube

I'm looking for some of the same, not necessarily all. (Except the part about being preachy and calories.) Step videos please.
I've got a Gilad DVD (the one with the parrot!!!) and a couple others but still gravitate to all Jenny Ford all the time.

Thank you!
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Best answer: I haven't done step aerobics in years and I'm not familiar with Jenny Ford, but I did love that Gilad video back in the day! Other ones that I enjoyed were Cathe Friedrich's Basic Step and Low Impact Step, although her footwork is a bit more challenging. But doable with some practice.

My go-to resource for all things workout video are the forums at Here's a link to a thread with a question along the same lines - I think the last response in particular would be helpful to you, since she is also a Jenny Ford fan and provides a link to other YouTube workouts: Jessica Smith (who I like a lot too, although I haven't tried her step workout), Gin Miller, and a few others. I'd recommend creating a user profile and asking your exact question on that forum, though. It's a great resource.

In addition, here's a link to the step workouts currently available on, another great workout video resource. It's nice because the site has reviews and clips so you can easily see which are set outdoors or are otherwise visually appealing.
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