International med student for elective rotations in California?
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Do you know any hospitals in california (US) which still take in international medical graduates (IMG) for elective rotations?

Hi, i am a german medical student in my last year of training.
I am currently looking for hospitals in california that still welcome visiting students from other countries than the US or Canada. All hospitals i had contact with, told me that they do not accept IMGs anymore. Either it was because of their affiliation to one of the californian med schools or because they had their own policy on this matter.
Any ideas and any kind of help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance :)
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Did you contact UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California? Their website indicates they take IMGs if they went to an approved school.
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Hey, yes i have been in contact with the UC Davis. They weren't too optimistic about any available places for IMGs.
That is why i was wondering wether anybody knows about Hospitals that do teaching but are not affiliated to any kind of University.
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I would suggest going to and exploringt their forums and resources sections. You could even make an account and post the question there, where there are a lot more people with experience in the healthcare sector who might be able to help you.
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