Re: Facilities management, what is "escorting in a labor report"?
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I'm prepping for a government facilities job interview and one of the job responsibilities is: “Perform ongoing review functions to evaluate, validate, and correct costs, contract compliance, Computer Aided Facility Management application issues, such as detecting escorting in the Labor Report” I'm on board with all of that, except I'm not familiar with that application or 'escorting in the labor report'. Anybody know that one?
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I assume that escorting is a proscribed activity, and the question refers to detecting the practice from the numbers in a labor report. Whether this is the pseudo-prostitution kind of escorting, or if it's some other term of art, I don't know.
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Possibly look up the associated governmental publication, if you know it. It's likely the job responsibility was drawn verbatim from there. The 'escorting...' may have been added as a result of it recently occurring.
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Best answer: What if it's a typo and they meant it to be 'errors'?
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Best answer: I lean toward the typo theory. If it were "escorting," I'd think that Googling "escorting in the labor report" would turn up at least a few hits, but it doesn't, nor does it show up in Google Books.
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It could be a typo, but consider this from an (old) US Federal job description for a guard: “Protects property from theft or damage, or persons from hazards or interference. Duties involve serving at a fixed post, making rounds on foot or by motor vehicle, or escorting persons or property.”

If you're running a secure facility, you'll want to know who visits. The guards will likely have to record who and when they escort people on and off the site. I'm guessing that you'll also want to know any changes or increases in who is visiting the site that might raise suspicions. You may have to review the facility's reporting to track this metric.

Then again, it could be a typo after all.
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The first thing I thought of was escorting people through secure areas.
How this would be detected in a labour report I don't know so I vote for typo too.
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I'm guessing copy pasta. Is the position supervisory? This might fall under the "contract compliance" bit where you are expected to provide a labor report that includes evidence that the contracted security staff were properly escorting the guests.
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Best answer: Gotta be a typo. The key is the word "detecting" right before this odd phrase. "Detecting errors in the labor report" makes sense.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I'm guessing "detecting errors in the labor report" makes the most sense, since a lot of this job is auditing and contract compliance work.
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