Carpooling to Church
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Suggestions for a carpooling app that can allow people of a suburban region to coordinate rides together to church, once a week?

As neat graffitist said, there appear to a ton of carpooling apps and new ones frequently, so googling this question hasn't been too helpful. Does anyone here have experience using a carpool app that would allow up to 100 individuals coordinate rides from their houses to a church, and would also allow users the ability to indicate specific requests, like "need a carseat" or "don't mind being 10 minutes late," etc. Thank you so much for any thoughts you can share!
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Carpool school edition might work well for this, because it allows you to arrange for rides at different times on a non-regular schedule. It's very easy to use.

But that said -- do you really have to coordinate this? My church is doing a major construction project, and for the duration of the project, we will not have enough parking. We are reserving our parking lot for the choir, visitors and people who are late. Everyone else is asked to carpool. We have identified parking lots around the area where people meet at a certain time (for example, Parking lot 1 is 20 minutes away, so people meet there at 25 minutes before the service; Parking lot 2 is 10 minutes away in the other direction, so people meet there at 15 minutes before the service). Anyone who gets there on time gets in someone's car and carpools. Anyone who is late comes on their own (and gets social pressure to not be late again in the future, because they take one of our precious visitor spots). We have four volunteers (who are in the choir, so they have they cars with them) who make sure everyone has a ride to their lot before they leave to go home. In my experience, the people who need carseats generally volunteer to drive.
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