Entertaining/funny YouTube channels while sick?
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The Mr and I are down for the count with the Martian Death Plague. While I do like watching him play RPGs and FPSes, we have discovered there is indeed a limit to the number of hours of video games he can play in a week without going bug-eyed. Looking for YouTube channels and playlists with funny/entertaining/non-depressing brain candy.

I like Mike Jeavons' channel, especially his Infomercialism series, and many of the McElroy Brothers' and other series on Polygon.com. If you recommend a Let's Play-type channel, funny commentary is key because what I like about watching gamers is commentary and talkback.

Dry humor and snark a plus. It doesn't have to be gaming-related.
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Whew, you don't live near me so I couldn't possibly given you my Martian Death Plague. I've been on a steady diet of early Sesame Street, Sha Na Na, and SNL clips for ten days now. Also highly recommend Bob Ross, twitch version. Feel better!
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Good Mythical Morning? (Some are kind of gross, but it's good natured.)
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I've found The Red Green Show to be entertaining yet meaningless enough to veg to while sick. It's been relatively popular with Metafilter before.
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Hydraulic Press Channel is what I watch when I'm depressio. Never fails to make me laugh, I love it so much.
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Corner Gas!
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I've been dealing with morning sickness (er, all-day sickness), and a great distraction for me has been the Bad Lip Reading channel on YouTube. I can watch those videos multiple times, and always feel amused (or maybe the nausea is just making me crazy).

Love the idea of early Sesame Street!! Maybe I'll find some of those. Muppets never disappoint!
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That's the perfect situation to be in for Another Period. Or Drunk History (some of the same people I think), which is on YouTube for sure.
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Oh! And Ze Frank animal videos on YouTube!! My husband and I LOVE those!! So funny!
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Bad Lip Reading is fun. There are some that cover the recent US elections so you could steer clear of those.
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I am shamefully addicted to Facts., which features charmingly accented Irish people trying out food/drink they've never had before, or watching shows they've never seen before.
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Say no more, Adam Ruins Everything should be right up your alley!
Vlog Brothers and CrashCourse are both great albeit slightly more longform
Wildcard option: Kids try food from around the world (with adorable results)
I hope you and the Mr. feel better soon!
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I've enjoyed these enough recently to make FPPs that were in part about them: Why is Cinema parodies serious video essays like Every Frame A Painting but definitely meets all your criteria--some great snark there; and The Art Assignment is entertaining/non-depressing brain candy, because the things the artists suggest are pretty fun to consider (sometimes very, very dryly humorous) and then you get to see how people handled it and/or you just watch tours of other cities from an unusual angle.
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After the recent FPP I binge watched a load of kids react/elders react/etc videos.
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I spent the first 3 days after the election watching metal detecting and mudlarking videos. They tend to be gentle and repetitive with little moments of discovery. Ones I like include him (UK/France) and him (Germany) and her (UK) and him (southern US).
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Hydraulic presses and red hot copper balls.

The 8-bit Guy is a fantastic channel where he restores ancient computers (and keyboards in another channel) and occasionally goes into older tech (like earky digital cameras). Similar is Techmoan, who reviews vintage audio gear, some of it very weird.
Other favourites of mine is Slopes Game Room and Larry Bundy Jr, who dig up stuff from videogame history.
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Mostly Walking is my too-well-to-sleep-all-day jam. Them playing Myst is especially great.
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Epic Rap Battles of History should keep you entertained for a few hours.

Example: Ghostbusters vs. Mythbusters.
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Here's some!

The Katering Show - two Australian cooks who can't cook do a cooking show! One with food intolerance, and the other an intolerable foodie. Good stuff.

Sam and Mickey - rude and often hilarious Barbie stop motion. Did I mention rude?

Tired Old Queen at the Movies - reviews of classic movies with interesting old Hollywood gossip!

Atlas Obscura's 100 Wonders Not hilarious, but cool stuff!

And finally, an oldie but goodie - if you haven't watched ZeFrank's True Facts or Sad Dog/Sad Cat diaries, you should remedy that. (already mentioned above)
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Does the Martian Death Plague prevent you from looking at food? You Suck At Cooking is a high camp take on the cooking show format. (Watch them from the beginning... they have a couple of running gags.)
Ted Crusty is a quirky source of clever-British-kid humour.
Белое Злато (White Gold) are adorable young Russian women who sing songs.
How do you feel about
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You may or may not be aware of QI, the long-running irreverent British quiz show about (actually) quite interesting facts. Now on series N with new host, the wonderful Sandi Toksvig.

Nick from Fulham's channel is up to date I believe.
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I have no idea how no one has suggested Game Grumps. Look for their playlists for full games. The Zelda ones are hilarious. Trauma Center too! Oh and the recent Christmas candy one. Endless Ocean 2 had me in tears.

Then I'd also suggest Cinema Sins.

And Brown Man is pretty funny. The Resident Evil play through was great. Also Bee Movie play through. I really loved the hospital one Hearts Medicine.

+1 for Good Mythical Morning.

Also shows like Samantha Bee and Colbert are on YouTube now. And full episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
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Simon's Cat?

John Pinnette
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Ashwin Enjoys Nature is a new discovery I'm quite enjoying.
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Facts., which mostly consists of Irish people trying food from other countries, or watching ridiculous reality TV. They're all quite short (the videos, not the people) but there are many.

ETA: Damn, someone else mentioned it. Well here's another vote.
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David Mitchell's Soapbox

(& nth The Katering Show)
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PBS Idea Channel!
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I had the flu for a week and watched Riadkill episodes, where two gearheads wrench on junky cars (which Motor Trend or whoever funds with magazine-publishing money) and crack wise. I don't know much about car stuff but I didn't feel like I missed much: the wit and friendships (and burnouts!!) are what it's all about anyway.
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I realize I'm very late, and I hope you're feeling much better by now. But in case you're not, or for the next time you're sick: The Blame Society YouTube channel has two great series. Beer and Board Games (pretty self-explanatory) and Welcome to the Basement (Two guys watch movies together and talk about them).

They feature Chad Vader (Darth Vader's grocery-store-manager brother) and his pals.
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Response by poster: Thank you, everyone! You helped make a terrible week slightly better.
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