Unscratchable itchyness: forgotten short story title, author.
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A couple of decades (or so) ago I read a poignant short story about two people in the same ward of a hospital. The woman could see the future. The man awoke each day with no memories of the past. He knew he'd been injured, but couldn't remember how. The last line in the story was spoken by the man: "I fell off a tractor." This has been google-shy so far. Please scratch.
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Does this offer any leads?
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(I don't think this is the story you are looking for, but you might enjoy it as there are some points of similarity. Charlie Jane Anders wrote a story titled Six Months Three Days about a man and woman who can both see the future. The conflict is one of them can see the future and is able to change it, while the other can see the future, but it is locked in and unchangeable. They both know when they meet that they will break up in six months. There's also a broken leg, predicted but inevitable, but from a bicycle accident. No tractors that I can remember. My favorite of the stories in one "best of the year" anthologies.)
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Thanks to you who cogitated, thanks to you guys who tool a shot at it.

My itch remains unscratched.
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Might want to inquire with https://www.reddit.com/r/printSF/.
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