Two dropboxes, no waiting
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My mac is connected to my own personal (free) dropbox and to a dropbox shared by one of my customers. The problem is that when anyone sends me anything via dropbox it goes into my customer's dropbox.

The customer is an old employer and hasn't complained – they don't tend to be big files and I don't let them hang around – but it's obviously not ideal. I think his is a paid account, if that makes any difference. He keeps a lot of files in there.

I don't seem to be able to get my head around why stuff for me goes to him, or how to change it. Any clues?
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> My mac is connected to my own personal (free) dropbox and to a dropbox shared by one of my customers.

What do you mean by this? Are you running two instances of the Dropbox app, one logged into your account and one into your customer's? Are they pointed to the same default folder "/Dropbox" so when a file is added to your account it's seen as a new file and uploaded to your customer's?

Is there some reason you need to be logged into your customer's account?
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Among the "favorites" in my finder window, there's folders for "Dropbox (Personal)" and "Dropbox (Dave's Studio)". They are not aliased to the same folder.

The premise for my being logged in is that the thing I chiefly do for Dave is act as a backup in case he suddenly can't work on a weekly document he produces. I actually almost never touch his dropbox, because so far I haven't had to do this, but in theory I need to be able to reach in and rifle through his files at short notice. I don't have physical access to Dave's computers.

In fact I'm not running any instances of the app. This was a previous question I asked when Dave's file manipulations drove my internet bill hundreds of bucks over the limit one cycle, so I don't let the app start up. But I still have access to the folders.
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The only suggestion I have is to review the selective sync settings in your account and to check where you're dropping your new files-- somehow they must be getting into a folder that's shared with Dave for Dave's account to sync them back. Maybe try unlinking it all and having Dave share the folder again?
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OK, I see what it is. Dave connected my main email address to his dropbox. My personal dropbox is associated with a secondary email address I don't usually use for client stuff, but Dropbox won't let me assign my main address to it, because it's one dropbox per email address. And I don't have permission to change the "team" address on Dave's dropbox, so I can't change the email address that's assigned to Dave's dropbox.

Thanks for helping me figure this out.
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