How can I print Entourage Tasks on one page?
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Are there ways to print Entourage Tasks that are not obvious or are there non web-based applications that are similar for OSX?

I like using Tasks EXCEPT when it comes to printing them out. I don't like printing out two pages of tasks when clearly, I could do one page with two columns. But it seems like the only way to print out a long list on one page is to shrink it via "Page Setup". iCal just doesn't seem as robust of a solution.
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I can't find a way to modify the layout via Entourage, but you can print two pages to a single sheet of paper by selecting that option on the Layout screen of the Print dialog box. Use the third drop down menu to get there.
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that's a marginal solution, but better than what I was using. I really wish the layout was more flexible though.
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