Volunteer as Arabic translator at Dulles
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My father-in-law is a native Arabic speaker and would be willing to volunteer as a translator at Dulles or another DC area location to help refugees. I'm having trouble finding contact information or a group for him to coordinate with. He could 'just show up' at Dulles, but it's a pretty long drive for him, and I wouldn't want him to do it for nothing. Does anyone here have any contacts or groups for him to get in touch with?
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He should fill out this form. Information collection is being coordinated by Lawyers for Good Government.
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the folks at JFK have an online presence on twitter @nobanJFK which links to nobanusa.com it might be worth checking with them to see if they can direct you to a similar account at Dulles.
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You don't say what state your father-in-law lives in. If he's in Maryland, he might contact the office of Chris Van Hollen and ask to speak to the staffer that is assigned to refugee issues. Van Hollen has been extremely active since Saturday working to assist people who have been detained at Dulles.
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I just watched a presser with Tim Kaine at Dulles and he says that CBP says that at this time there are no more people detained at Dulles.
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Just because there are not currently folks detained doesn't mean this has been resolved. Flights continue to land with folks on board who are unsure of whether they will be admitted into the country and there is ample evidence that this order is not being enforced equally/legally. It is still worth your time trying to find out if there is ongoing need for your services.

and thank you to your father in law for being willing to help, and to you for assisting him.
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I can put you in touch with people coordinating translators at Dulles - check your inbox!
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The Legal Aid Justice Center is the group that filed the VA lawsuit.

The website says:
Immigrant Advocacy Program
Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg, (703) 778-3450

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On my fb feed this morning: "If you know anyone who can speak Arabic or Farsi and can get to Dulles any day this week, please email dullestranslatorhelp@gmail.com. Signal boost appreciated." Might be worth a shot!
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Thank you, everyone, for the great leads! I followed up on all of these suggestions. There wasn't an immediate need, but he is now on several volunteer lists, ready to go if he is needed in the future.
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