Help me find this amazing street food I had in Shanghai!
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It was rolled out dough, fried on a flat-top with a cracked egg, shredded potato, cabbage and some pickled peppers.

I ate this amazing thing one morning on the street and I can't seem to find what it was. The closest is jianbing, but it wasn't crepe like - more similar to fried naan rolled with cabbage, shredded potato, some pickled peppers and the option for meat that I passed on. The stall had a bunch of white dough balls and when we ordered they were rolled out, cooked on the flat top, flipped, covered with an egg, flipped back, cooked, flipped again then all the fillings added. The guy rolled it up and stuck it in a plastic bag. Perfect breakfast.

It was so amazing and cost 4RMB - like $.60!

Any ideas what I ate? I'd love to celebrate the year of the Rooster by making it.
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Maybe a ji dan bing?
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Yes! That looks right. My stomach and taste buds thank you.
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