Want. Earrings.
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I have a big soft spot for The Blacklist, though it has been especially weakly plotted lately. I was recently mesmerized by an episode titled "The Harem," because I fell for the earrings worn by "Emma Knightly," played by Anastasia Griffith, in a scene in the front seat of a car when Emma reveals she really works for Raymond Reddington.

The earrings were gold drop style, seemingly a gold base suspended from a delicate chain running right through the earlobe. The length of the drop looked like it was about a half inch. I can't find a screenshot or anything similar at sites like Etsy online. Can you help me find them to buy them?
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This might be a place people can help you look.

Are you talking about something sort-of like this? The term you want for the chain-through-the-earlobe look is "threader earring." Iconery and Fab stand out in my mind as places with a lot of threader earrings, but definitely searching something like "gold teardrop threader earring" on pinterest and polyvore would turn you up a lot of options to help you zero in on what you're after (if a threader earring is indeed what we're talking about). In fact pinterest is showing me lots of things that sound sort-of like what you're describing!
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Here's a quick screenshot. They're threader earrings but they're a closed loop.
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Yes, acidic got what I am seeking. But where can I buy them?
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Those are usually called chain-stud, chain-hoop, or chain-back earrings, I'm looking for something that has something similar to what's in the screenshot on the chain to see if I can find a better search term.
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Christine Bean is the costume designer, maybe you could contact her and ask directly? (I see tumblr costume fandoms do that fairly frequently.) If you do you must post back because I am now wildly frustrated by my usual jewelry searching skillz failing me!

I also saw the actress has tweeted a picture of herself with the other actresses from the ep, possibly you could tweet at her and she might know!
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Tweeted and emailed. But unsure either option will work.
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These maybe?
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These are similar and I thought of them when reading your description. They may be a little more delicate that what you were thinking of and the chain is not through the lobe... it is a stud.
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No response to email or tweet. So want these earrings. I am going to close up this AskMe but if someone runs across it again in the future and can direct me to who sells them, I will be VERY grateful.
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